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Setting yourself free from the past

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008


One of the most severely limiting beliefs that many of us have is that the person we were yesterday is the person we have to be today. This belief keeps us tied to our past mistakes, habits, and limitations. If you observe nature, you will notice how the ocean color changes, the tides change, the wind blows in different directions… In summary, nature is used to change and embraces it with exceptional ease. To be in the flow requires accepting that change is all that is constant in our lives.

All of us have unlimited potential and a clean slate in this moment – NOW! What prevent us from tapping into this potential are our own mental ties to the past. Our past has no power other than the power we give it. One of the most dynamic and significant changes you can make in your life is to make the commitment to drop all negative references to your past.

Every day this week, remind yourself that your life begins now. As your past habits creep into your consciousness, simply acknowledge them and let them go. This is not a complicated process and you can begin doing so immediately. Focus on what you can do today, right now at this moment, and you will have already begun to create abundance that is your birthright. Just like nature does all the time!

Have a life changing week!

With energy,


Exile and Return

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

sunset.jpgWe are always in a state of exile and return. When we are searching for our mission and for our purpose here on earth we are in exile. There are trials and challenges.  When we overcome them we feel a sense of victory, a sense of return.

While we are looking for ways to solve this puzzle, our individual puzzle, it’s helpful to understand our collective purpose as humans on this planet. We are here to be partners with G-d to make this world a better place. We are here to put the pieces together and to help the world to heal. That’s our collective purpose as humans.

Once we know that, it becomes a bit easier to find our own individual purpose because it has to be aligned with the collective purpose of humanity. When these two purposes are not aligned we are living in exile. We are out of integrity as humans because we are not doing our part to pick up the pieces. We are not being partners with G-d. We feel it. Our souls can tell. 

Are you making the world a better place by virtue of what you are doing? Are you still living in exile and not in tune with your purpose as a human being? If you are, there is an aspect of your totality that needs to change so that you can come out of the exile and return to your main purpose. Our main purpose as humans is to make this world a better place. Thru our actions we will make this world a better place.

What actions do you think you can take to help make this world a better place? Where do you hear your calling coming from? If you listen to this calling you are well on your way to find your own individual purpose in life. My wish is that you heed the call.  Make your actions count!

With energy,


Re-inventing yourself

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Credit: SXC.huWhat would it be like to wake up and do whatever you want to do without obligations? How would that feel? Would you feel free? Discombobulated? Would you be happy? Would you miss the routine?

Many of us long for a day without routine. Why is that? Is that because our routine has become so awful that we simply need a break from it? If you think about it, your routine is what you do most of the time during your waking life. Wouldn’t you want that to be filled with joy? Wouldn’t you want to look forward to it?

I mean, how can we fall into the trap of doing something we don’t like and repeating that task over and over again? Didn’t we create that routine ourselves? Weren’t we responsible for bringing that into our lives? If we did it ourselves than we can undo it as well right?

Yes, absolutely yes. We can undo it. What are the steps to undo this dreadful routine? (more…)

Welcome to the NRG Coaching blog!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

The main reason why I decided to transform my website into a blog was because I wanted to contribute to your life in a more active way.  Coaching is about taking action and I wanted to inspire you to take action by taking action myself!

My wish is that the words I write here every week serve to inspire you to use your talents to live the life you want and also to contribute to make this world a better place.

I would love to hear from you and to incorporate your wisdom into the blog.  Please feel free to inspire all of us with your words!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy this space.

With lots of energy and gratitude,