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Energy of Transformation

Monday, April 14th, 2008

I understand many of you are not Jewish, however the message of the coming holiday of Passover is truly universal and I know you will like to hear about it.  Passover is when we celebrate the liberation of the Jewish people from the tyranny of the pharaoh in Egypt.  Moses led us out of Egypt and into the land we know today as Israel.  While we remember this time, we experienced both slavery and freedom, a story that is ancient and modern.

The parallel I want to shed light on is the one of being a slave to things and people and forgetting about our integrity and our mission.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in achieving things, pleasing people, and becoming addicted to a destructive behavior, that, without realizing it, we become slaves of these patterns and get distracted from our true path.

Every year, we Jews remind ourselves of this journey from Egypt to the Promised Land and re-examine our lives.  It’s a powerful time filled with the energy of transformation.  We are given a window in time whereby change is within reach if we truly shed light on the things that makes us slaves. 

I want to invite ALL OF YOU (that’s the universality of it – it’s not just for the Jews!) to take this powerful energy and use it to illuminate your lives during the holiday – April 19th until April 26th.  Take time to look inside and acknowledge the things that are making you a slave.  It could be  an addiction you want to let go, a relationship without the proper boundaries, a behavior you want to change…  Anything that you feel binds you and makes you do things that are distracting you away from the path of integrity.  You have this whole week to think about it and the next to begin the changes!  The energy of transformation in within reach!  Go for it!

With energy,


The Decision Making Process

Friday, April 4th, 2008

My husband and I love to sit down and daydream about what we want to do.  Those dreams lead to plans and the plans lead to the reality we create for ourselves.  As we move on toward the reality we are designing for ourselves, we eventually get to the decision-making process.  As I stepped into the role of an observer as well as a participant while in this process, I started to notice a few points that I found worth sharing. 

The process in itself is basically the discussion of an idea, which took a long while, more discussion, a bit of hesitation, lots of brain storming, and, after weeks, we finally arrive at the decision. That’s the short version of almost any decision making process. 

What was so interesting to me though, was to observe our frame of mind going into this process.  When one has points of reference by which one is guided, it becomes a lot easier to make decisions.  Some of the most important ones for us are:

1. We always kept in mind that the biggest commitment we need to make is with ourselves.  The discussion allows us to arrive at a decision that serves both of us without one giving up his/her believes and integrity to do whatever the other wants.  That’s more than compromise.  That’s understanding of oneself and of the other.

2. We cannot make a mistake, we can only make a decision that will be our next best step.  There is no reason to hesitate when we know that we have nothing to lose by trying to follow our dreams.  The concept of losing is merely a thought in the mind of humans.  If one understands this there is no doubt left. 

3. If JOY is a constant feeling whilst we brain-storm our new idea, then we have a winner.  JOY is the best measure of success! 

Dream on and ride your wisdom to victory!

With energy,