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Counting Your Blessings

Monday, November 24th, 2008

This year has been a major roller-coaster to all of us.  Many times we were caught shifting our thinking and focusing on what we are lacking instead of what we have; a.k.a. our blessings. 

In trying times, we hear our brain complaining about a certain situation in our lives and we forget that all that happens is ultimately for the best.  When we activate this believe in our heart, also known as faith, we rejoice rather than succumb to despair and depression.  When we are happy, our brains operate much more efficiently.  Therefore, faith actually enhances our brain power and our ability to cope under any situation.

It is our choice to be happy or to let depression take over.  It is our choice to be happy with our lot in life at this very moment (our blessings) and to have clarity of mind and thought.  Sadness and depression destroy clarity of thought and rob us of our free choice.  When we are happy with our lot in life at the present moment, we are living in the present, we are living our blessings and opening the way for new blessings to come into our lives. 

If a person is dissatisfied with life, then he or she is liable to constantly make wrong choices.  Proper choices are the result of a clear mind, and a clear mind is a consequence of happiness.  Therefore, the prerequisite to living a purposeful life free of unfortunate mistakes is the choice of being happy with your present moment and with your current blessings.  Once this choice is made, we enhance our chances of success both in the spiritual and material realms. 

Choose happiness today!

With energy,