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Song of the Self

Friday, January 30th, 2009

1208300190_passarinho_dormiu_cedo_viiI found that the more I looked around to see what others were doing, the more I lost touch with what I really wanted to do.  The more I got in touch with my own particular mission, the more I felt inspired to follow my own path without seeking the approval of others.  The funny thing is that the more I did what I wanted to do, the approval and admiration from others came naturally.  At that point, it didn’t really matter if others approved of me or not. It was a nice by-product of me following my path, however, it had no effect on how I chose to live my life. 

The most effective way to be attractive to other people is simply to express the best of yourself. Each bird has its own particular song, to define itself and attract others.  You need to find your own unique “song” instead of imitating others or joining with the general chorus.

On this coming week trust yourself, think for yourself, act for yourself and be yourself.  Feel the energy shift when the bliss of being who you are takes over the anxiety of pleasing others.

With energy,


New Days Ahead

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

barack20obama20capitolI was inspired listening to the words of President Barack Obama.  I chose to believe he will provide the leadership that our country so desperately needs.  We are heading to a new direction and I believe it will be the right path.  We are facing challenges and new choices and the potential to grow as a nation and as individuals is exponential at this moment.

We are all called to “preserve, protect and defend” our constitution, our country and our values just like president Obama promised he will do.  We are all part of this process of reshaping our nation.  However, the call goes beyond restoring America.  We are being called to help restore the world.  President Obama represents hope for a different and more peaceful world led by the United States.  More than ever it’s time to:  Be the Change You Want to See in The World! 

With energy and hope,


The Journey

Monday, January 12th, 2009

9131estrada1Like most of you, I also got a new journal for 2009.  My new journal has inspiring sayings and great pictures and it really makes me want to write on it.  On the first page there is a quote by Matsuo Basho that says:  “Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”  Needless to say I loved it!  It’s all about the process of growing, the beauty of discovering oneself and being firmly grounded in the present. 

When we see life as a process, we take the time to smell the roses, we learn to enjoy the time we spend with our friends and family, we become less anxious and we breath deeper.  We develop empathy and we learn to listen and to be of service to others.  We begin to see the beauty in the moonlight, the magnitude of our words and the effects they have on people and on ourselves.  We begin to treat nature with kindness and respect and appreciate the little things.  It’s all about understanding, way deep in our core, that life happens every day and not only when we get to the finish line.     

Here’s an invitation:  Set your intention for this coming year using the following thought – “My life grows more expansive every day.  I am open to anything – and anyone.  I am viewing the familiar with fresh eyes.  My life is happening now and that’s all I have.” 

Go on — let your intentions out and enjoy the clarity they will bring you!  Set your sights on the distance and enjoy the journey!

With energy,