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The Secret of Relating to Others

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

maosThe greatest quality a human being can have is humility.  Why humility?  Because it gives us the capacity to relate to everyone.  A truly successful person is someone who can put himself/herself in the level of whomever he/she is speaking.  That’s what humility is. 

To really listen to others, we need to silence our ego and give the floor and the moment to the other person.  That action creates the ability to relate to everyone.  Whenever we are having difficulty relating to a person, that’s a great opportunity to ask ourselves:   “Why it’s so difficult to relate with this person at this moment?  What transformation must you go through in order to bring myself to this person’s level?”

Whatever it is that you are trying to communicate, pay attention to where the message is coming from.  It is our truth we are communicating to others.  The difference between imposing our truth and communicating it is our intent.  If we want to add to the growth of the other person, and if we don’t talk down to them, the message will be well received.  If the message is coming from frustration, pity or anger, those feelings will get in the way of a valuable discussion.

The biggest lessons we need to learn usually come from the people we have most difficulty relating.  Once we infuse the situation with Light and ask the right (and most courageous) questions, we take large steps on our personal development. 

My wish for you – and for me – this week, is that we all be filled with courage to ask the questions and to listen to the answers.

With energy,