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Waiting Game

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

espera-2A move is not the easiest thing in the world – especially to the other side of the planet!  However, this move got me thinking about waiting.  It is something most of us don’t really care for – waiting is a pain right?  Now, if you don’t know the place, the habits and the costumes of your new home, you will have to face a learning curve.  That has a lot of waiting involved.  

I realized that there are certain things that will come with time.  There is absolutely no way that I can hurry the process and make it happen faster.  Each one of us has our own learning curve and it obeys certain traits that we recognize in ourselves – our own pace, our own habits and our own processing time.  It’s interesting to see how my husband and I have different strengths and different ways of learning.  It has been a pleasure to witness that my own waiting has not been painful.  I am floating with time and welcoming the insights that are coming to me.  I am taking one day at the time while new habits become incorporated.  It will take time for me to feel more local.  I accept that and I decided to enjoy the “newcomer” status for now.      

In our own lives we find ourselves in new situations all the time.  Situations where the waiting game is on wheater we like it or not.  If we immerse ourselves in it and recognize that there is a learning curve, we will be able to face the new with a great deal of compassion for ourselves.  It’s not giving up – it’s simply breathing!  Going deeper into our own selves and realizing our limitations and the flow taking place.  Jumping into the river of life and letting it take you to your destination without struggle.  Ah, what a blissful river… 

With energy and bliss,


No to Doubts

Monday, April 20th, 2009

buscando_felicidadeCertainty is a gift.  It comes to us when we decide to do something from our heart.  It’s that feeling of knowing deep inside that it will all work out.  The stronger our certainty, the more Light we draw in to the process. 

There is a major difference between certainty and belief – a belief leaves room for ” I am open to the fact that I might be wrong”.  Certainty is when we KNOW that whatever tools we have will work, that our feelings are pointing us to the right direction and that the Light is on our side – even if we don’t see it right away. 

Hang on to certainty and you will be able to say no to doubts that creep in.  It’s our choice to let the doubts in or not.  If we have certainty on our side, the doubts may come and go but they will not stay in our heads.  If we hang on to this feeling and the joy it brings, the doubts will disappear as quickly as they came.

This week commit to say NO to doubts.  Focus on your certainty about a project or a feeling and experience the happiness it brings!

With energy,


Looking at the Horizon

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

1142999678Hong Kong will be my home in a few days.  The move has been very smooth, easy and stress-free.  I am grateful to all the people in my life that helped me during this transition and that wished me well.  My support system has been phenomenal.  Support + organization is a potent recipe for a smooth transition.  I am not only talking about a geographical transition; this recipe is good for all kinds of transitions.  One needs a strong support system and a good dose of organization to be able to move on to the next stage in life.  I am glad I’ve had both.

Each stage of our lives is filled with surprises.  Balance is the key to go through the changes with grace.   We naturally search for stability, peace and balance.  It’s important to realize what we need in order to cultivate this balance.  Even the way we were made reflects this reality – we are 50% material beings and 50% spiritual beings.  If we focus our attention only in the material, represented by this world, we invite chaos into our lives.  If we focus only on the spiritual, we loose ourselves.  When we forge an alliance between these two realities, we find balance. 

Observe the horizon, where heaven and earth meet.  There they become one.  In essence, that’s the secret for balance.  And it’s right in front of our eyes.

With energy,