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Avoid the pain and gain pleasure; is that all that is?

Monday, May 25th, 2009

looking20up20cropped20bwIt has been said that our ultimate concern in life is to avoid pain and to gain pleasure.  I respectfully disagree with this affirmation.  My opinion is that our main concern is neither to gain pleasure nor to avoid pain but rather to discover a meaning to our lives.  How do we find meaning to our lives?  Great question…

First of all, our lives are so individualized that their meanings are also unique to each one of us.  Second of all, the situations in our lives are constantly changing.   What I mean by these two statements is that, to find the meaning of our lives, we need to first look inside ourselves and ask questions that are pertinent to our lives and not to that of others.  The answers only fit us, our passions and our mission.  The second statement has to do with finding a meaning to our lives by finding a meaning to the present moment we are living.  It’s about asking questions then and there, finding out the why – an aim – for our lives.  The meaning of life differs from person to person and from moment to moment. 

Ultimately, it’s all about understanding the present moment as being your life’s meaning.  Taking ownership of every second of our lives, constantly seeking to live a life that is aligned with our passions and with our desire to contribute, simply overflows our lives with meaning.  Learning that even our suffering has a meaning, allows us to see that when we accept a challenge, we are presented with an opportunity to go deeper and perhaps discover the true meaning of our lives.  A challenge forces us to live in the present, to worry about it, and to even forget about the future or the past in order to focus on its solution. 

Explore, ask and look for your own answers!  No one else can find them but you. 

With energy,


“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how”  Nietzsche.

Living from the Heart

Monday, May 18th, 2009

heart-in-handsLiving from the heart means that you choose a life and a lifestyle that are true for you.  You make important decisions because they resonate with your heart and with your own values, and not necessarily with those of others.  You trust your own instincts more than the pressures from advertising or the expectations of society, family and friends.  Living from the heart is about trusting the quiet voice within you that emerges when you quiet down enough to listen.

Moving to Hong Kong was all about listening to our inner voices.  We trust that everything will be OK because we are designing our own path the way we want it to be and according to our values.  The other part of the equation is to live one day at the time and take actions that will build the road to get where we want.  Even when things don’t seem to be moving at the pace we want them to move, we trust that the direction we chose is the right one for us. 

The way to live from your heart is to commit to live a life that reflects your inner voice.  Ask yourself questions like:  “How do I really want to live my life?”, “Am I following my own path or doing things simply because I’ve always done them the same way or because I am living up to someone’s expectations?”  Then, quiet down and listen to yourself.  The answers will come and you will be surprised at what you might discover.

With energy,


Show Me the Money

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

dolar1Many people make more money than they ever dreamed possible, yet are more financially stressed than ever before.  In this current financial crisis we are going through many can relate to this reality.  What a vast majority of people do as they earn more money is to continue to spend as much, if not more, than they make.  They buy a bigger home, a nicer car, go on more expensive vacations, wear more expensive clothing and so on.  They spend, spend and spend some more.  Before you insist you will never do this, consider that you probably will – unless you conciously make a vow not to.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot have nice things or that you don’t deserve them.  Keep in mind however, that you also deserve a peaceful and happy life, and that material things don’t necessarily make you happy.  Happiness comes from within, by the way you relate to what you have, not from your actual possessions.  If you can manage to keep your desires in check, to live at or beneath your means, you will discover a different type of abundance:  Peace.  You will be able to stay calm and relaxed during times such as this one we are living, or other crazy ones you might witness in the future.  That is amongst the greatest gifts of a lifetime. 

With energy,