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The Power of FUN!

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

bessLast week my friend Bess presented her business to us at our weekly BNI (Business Network International) meeting.  This is a networking organization which meets every week for breakfast and powerful networking.  We are all pretty committed to the growth of our business and, sometimes, we can get very serious and business-like.  We focus so much on our agenda that the fun is sometimes forgotten.  Well, last week Bess reminded all of us of the power of fun.

You see, Bess has a business called Bonza Pie.  She organizes sports events and parties for children and adults alike and they are all very fun.  She wants children to learn while having fun and she wants adults to re-discover the joy of playing for playing sake.  She is great at it!  While she was preparing the room for her presentation – and this all started way before we got there at 6:30 AM – she got all of us involved as well.  We were all laughing, playing and having fun even before the presentation started!  Some pretty serious folks were laughing and cracking jokes.  It was fun to watch.  People were really transformed and that BNI breakfast was like none else…  All because of the power of the fun Bess brought into the room.

I bet people were smiling during the day whenever they thought about Bess’ fun presentation.  She had us all playing a game to help her explain what her business is all about.  She was true to her values of community building and playfulness.  It was so natural that I bet half of the people didn’t even noticed how involved they were and how she got us all there.  I was impressed to her commitment to her values and how natural she got it all across.  She lives her values on a daily basis and she incorporates them into her work.  What a great way to live!  Hats off to Bess, an inspiration to us all!  Check her work out at and become inspired to have FUN this week!

With energy and fun,


Living Life As An Athlete

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

I have been a world class athlete for many years.  As I transitioned to the “real world” and became a successful entrepreneur and a life coach, I noticed many traits that were present in both my careers as an athlete and as a business woman.  Some of these traits were imperative for me to achieve my goals. 

Focus, discipline, hard work, integrity, passion for what I am doing, confidence and commitment are some of the attributes that allowed me to realize my dreams.  While these are all good qualities to have, the main reason why I was able to achieve my goals was/is my mindset.  “It’s all up here” it’s not just a saying; it is a reality.  We are who we think we are!  This mindset will lead us to take actions that will help us step into our power and become the person we want to be.

The attributes I mentioned are also found in many people that we know and admire that have achieved positions of leadership in the world.  We all have the potential to develop these qualities.  It’s within our reach.  We simply need to decide to change our mindset and go for it.  What does that mean?  It means that we need to become clear about what you love, define a goal and design an action plan to achieve it.  It means to be open to recruit help if necessary, create a support system that will encourage us to move forward and to have compassion for ourselves during the process. 

Most of the people I come across have been trying really hard to live a fulfilling life.  A number of them have the right intentions and the wrong mindset.  This week I want to invite you to play with the notion of “what if’s…”.  What if I have all the resources I think I need to succeed, what if I could make a living doing exactly what I love and help people in the process, what if I had the clarity to know what I really want, what if…  Write down your answers in your journal or in a piece of paper.  What feelings come up for you?  Play with it.  See how you feel when you allow yourself to be open minded and creative.  This exercise will give you a taste of what it feels like to have a different mindset; one that will actually help you move forward and become a great success! 

With energy,


Hip Hong Kong!

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

hhklogoYes, Hong Kong is hip and to prove it, my friend Liza Monica developed a great website called… well, Hip Hong Kong!  I first came across her website when I arrived here and was looking for various places such as restaurants, hair dresser, things to do and information about Hong Kong in general.  Eventually I met Liza and she turned out to be a great collaborator and a lovely person!

Yesterday I had the privilege to have an article I wrote about women expatriates, published at  Here is the link for the article:

Please read the article, visit the site and recommend it to your friends!  When you are ready, come to visit Hong Kong and let be your guide!

Have a fabulous weekend!

With energy and gratitude,