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The High Holy Days

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

rosh-hashana-tapestryThis is a very special time for me.  The High Holy Days is a time for us Jews to make a conscious decision to be in sync with G-d’s will for us.  We do that by regreting our transgressions in the past year, choosing to change our ways and committing ourselves to use our gifts to fulfill our mission in this planet.  We reflect on the year past and rethink our choices, decide what we want to keep in our lives and what we want to let go.

The beginning of the year is called Rosh HaShanah and after that there is a period of ten days filled with intensive soul searching until we get to Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.  During this period we are called to repent, rethink and make different life choices.  We can do that during this time because there is a great deal of clarity coming to the world.  On Yom Kippur we confess to G-d all of our transgressions with the realization that they too can contribute to His plan for us.  We realize that even our transgressions are for our betterment and for us to learn crucial lessons that can propel us to a higher level of consciousness.  When we humble ourselves and recognize our mistakes, we use their darkness to inject light in our lives and learn from them. 

I look forward to Yom Kippur every year.  It is a day where we fast for 25 hours in order to connect to our spiritual side.  By doing that we are able to immerse ourselves in the all-embracing oneness of G-d and emerge pure.  On that day, the light of peace and possibility shines into the world, and we can see ourselves and our actions from G-d’s perspective.  In that light, even our transgressions of the past become blessings for the future, the darkness now serves to enhance the light, and the ugly conflicts now increase the splendor and beauty of the love and the conneciton we share with G-d. 

On Yom Kippur we celebrate forgiveness.  We are given an opportunity to start anew and to cherish the new found possibilities ahead of us.  It’s a time filled with potential and new beginnings.  Our call is to act on them and make them happen through our choices.  

The lesson for all of us, Jews and non-Jews alike, is that there is always a possibility for renewal and to start again once we commit ourselves to it.  May we all have a sweet and peaceful year ahead of us filled with blessings!

Shanah Tovah Umetukah!

With energy,


Waves of Change

Friday, September 11th, 2009

big-wave_surfing_01Recently I had the honor to be a witness in my best friend’s wedding in Australia.  While a big change was taking place in her life, the feeling of joy was the most present emotion.  They were both elated that they were taking this new step together.  It was refreshing to be there to see it.

A life change such as marriage, having a child or changing careers can be a difficult step to take.  However, most often than not, people are usually happier once they change something that no longer works for them or when they take a risk and experience a joyful return on their investment.

Enrich your life by taking on changes and challenges.  Like a surfer riding a wave, trust your sense of balance and open your awareness to the world around you.  Aim to be daring but not rash.  Marvel in the momentum of your journey, no matter what your final destination.  You will experience real growth if you take the leap.  Remember that a river is never still even and if it encounters rocks on its way, it circumvents them and looks for the path of least resistance.  Such model works for us humans as well.  Try it!

Embrace change!

With energy,


This post is dedicated to my friend’s Milena and Daniel.  May their life together be filled with joy and happiness!