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Reinventing Oneself

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

3014borboletaTime and time again we find the need to reinvent ourselves.  Some of us take the plunge and do it.  Some of us delay it.  Whatever the case maybe, reinventing ourselves works wonders.  The fear can consume us at first but the elation of a new path ahead is way bigger than the fear.  At least that’s how I see it.

My business is being reshaped completely.  Blog site, name, logo, target market…  All will be new soon.  Maybe a partner will come on board, a new approach will take place and new products will emerge.  How cool is that?  Scary?  Well, not really.  Coming to Hong Kong was a decision that brought a lot of happiness to my husband and me, so why not reinvent the business to include more ideas and different goals?  It’s a normal process and one I am very excited about.

Looking at a new road is exciting.  Changing gears and forging ahead full force is a great example for our family, friends, children and clients.  Walking our talk with grace and firm steps only makes us stronger and more credible.  Acknowledging the curves in the path ahead and being willing to change gears while following our dreams is the best strategy to take on a process of reinvention.  Learning to reap the benefits of the new path is a process I am looking forward to experience!

Hope you all feel inspired to do the same when the time comes to reinvent yourselves!

Good luck to all of us!

With energy,