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The “M” word

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

balaoThere will be times when we all make mistakes.  Sometimes big ones.  There will be times when we overreact, offend someone, slip up, overlook the obvious, and so forth.  The most important question isn’t so much whether or not we will mess up, but rather how quickly we can recover when we do mess up.  We can turn a relatively minor setback or mistake into a much bigger deal by over analyzing our actions (or someone else’s).  I can so relate to that!

See your mistakes, admit to them, and move on – in other words, recover quickly.  The trick seems to be a willingness to forgive yourself – and others – for being human and for making mistakes.  By recovering more quickly, you will learn from others as well as from your mistakes, and as a result, your life will become substantially less stressful.

This week bring more forgiveness into your life.  Firstly by forgiving yourself and then by forgiving others.  We all learn and grow precisely by making mistakes.  Learn to recognize that in your life and in the lives of others around you.

With energy,


How Fragile We Are

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

luzToday I received some really sad news.  My personal trainer died a few days ago.  Death is part of life and as such it is to be expected.  However, when it comes so suddenly, it reminds us how fragile and how brief our life really is.  It’s hard to think that a healthy, muscular and well liked person can die so unexpectedly.

Hearing the news of Luis’ passing made me think about how quick life passes us by and how much time we spend on such trivial pursuits such as trying to be the best at this or that; measuring ourselves and others by our bank accounts, clothes, cars and so on; hating whatever and whoever; feeling entitled, arrogant and judgemental; not paying attention to our words and actions and simply doing what we feel like doing with no regard for others; just to mention a few.

We cannot afford to keep on this path!  There are so many more important things to concentrate our energy on such as working on our spiritual elevation and acting on our collective mission to make the world a better place.  We simply have no time for negative and self-centered behavior.  Our time on this planet is limited and we have a choice to follow our higher call or to remain in the meaningless act of inflating our ego and fighting the urge to give the best of ourselves to the world and to others because of our fears.

We all have our moments of weakness and of egocentrism, nevertheless, the awareness that we want to do better will bring us back to the path of Light.  The awareness of our fragility and of the imminence of death will bring us back to the path of Light as well.  It is one of life’s major paradoxes that the remembrance of death will bring us back to life.

May you reach for the Light all the days of your life!

With energy,


This entry is dedicated to the memory of Luis Vieira Martins, a big guy with the heart of a little boy.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge with so many of us and for bringing health to our lives.

Want to Feed Your Soul? Take a Vacation!

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

HOME HAMMOCK23Vacations open us to a whole new world.  They give us inspiration, peace, health, knowledge, freedom, calm, new perspectives; in short, they give our life back!

While on vacation recently, my husband and me were calmly sitting having dinner and we could only smile at each other.  We spent a long time staring at the sky in silence enjoying the breeze and being in the moment.

The other important point is that vacations give us the renewal we need.  A lot of people forget that they need to recharge in order to perform well.  There is an illusion that we can do it all and that we don’t need to take a break.  If we look at how high levels athletes behave, we will see that they train hard to give their best performance and always include renewal as part of their training.  They eat well, get plenty of rest, take their vitamins, have plenty of support from their coaches and therapists – and then perform their best.  Then, they have an off- season in order to rest.

If high levels athletes take breaks in order to be the best they can be, we can all learn from them and do the same in our lives.

Ask yourself:  How are you living your life today?  Are you taking breaks and finding renewal in activities that bring you joy?  Are you eating well, getting the necessary sleeping time, exercising and playing?  If not, take a few minutes to find some creative ways to include breaks and renewal times in your life.  Write them down and see where you can fit them in the 24 hours we all have at our disposal.

I know you will perform like a champion if you begin to act like one!

With energy,