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Who Are You?

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Most spiritual journeys start with an identity crisis.  It’s when we are going through transitions that we begin to question our role in the world, our goals, our mission and inevitably, who we are.  We are here to do more than go to work, have children, meet friends, fight with our family and then back to the same old routine.  We are here for a much bigger reason.

During the moments of crisis, we allow ourselves to let go of our identity; the things we identify with the most.  We find ourselves in the middle of questioning if we are on the right path:  “Am I doing the right thing?”, ” Am I in the right profession?”,  “Is my current partner the right person for me?”, and so on.  Asking questions like these, allow us to really begin the process of discovering our true identity.  If we are filled with our ego we are not able to see that we really are souls playing a part in this lifetime.

I used to be a world class swimmer.  To let go of my identity as a swimmer, was one of the hardest things I went through in my life.  Why?  Because I identified so strongly with that role that I could not see another role for myself.  And yet, I was only playing the role of the swimmer in this lifetime so that I could identify with my higher purpose.  This role was a step necessary for me to get on a path that allows for me to be a conduit for a higher energy to come into the world.  Through the use of my talents I can channel this energy and help to make the world a better place.  And that’s why we are all here.

We use our talents to be a conduit for the immense energy of G-d to make Its way into the world.  When we tap into that magnificent force we begin to feel useful, blessed, connected, and in a path that leads us to growth.  This is why we must strip ourselves of our persona, the role we play in this world, and welcome the energy of the divine into our lives.  We are here for a higher purpose and we need to allow ourselves to connect with that to develop our potential effectively.  We are only able to see it if we put our ego aside and allow ourselves to be used by the higher energy of G-d.

Dig deep in to yourself and find out what roles are you playing in this life.  Then try to become the observer and realize that you are much more than that.  You are a divine being who is playing a certain part for a reason.  Pay attention to the situations where you feel most connected with a Higher Power and a higher purpose.  That’s when your true self – your soul-  is at work and not simply the role you play.

Happy 2011!

With energy,