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The Bliss of Living your Passion

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

When we headed to the Amalfi Coast in Italy to celebrate my husband’s birthday, I wasn’t expecting to find so many people living their passion through managing their own business.  Being a coach who coaches mainly entrepreneurs, I have my eyes trained to spot people who are happy doing what they love and making a living out of it.  Still, I wasn’t exactly looking for “happy entrepreneurs” during our romantic getaway!

It turned out that many of the great restaurants we visited, were owned by happy entrepreneurs who are in love with their lives and their businesses.  Livia and Alfonso together with their two sons, own the two stars Michelin restaurant “Don Alfonso” in the small city of St. Agatha on the Amalfi Coast.  The family turned their wonderful state into a successful multi faceted business.  Besides being a delightful restaurant, “Don Alfonso” also has a charming and exclusive bed and breakfast which offers gourmet cooking classes during the summer.  They also bought a farm where they grow their organic vegetables and produce their own organic olive oil which they use to prepare their fabulous food.  Wish you could take home the delicious olive oil you just tasted?  Not to worry; they sell it at their magnificent library adjacent to the restaurant.  While at the library, you can also buy a copy of Alfonso’s beautiful book with his restaurant’s story and magnificent recipes.

As we tasted our delicious meal, Livia came around to say hello and to welcome us.  She had a natural glow which I can identify as something always present in a person who lives her passion.  She shared a bit of their story and invited us to tour their cellar and to step into the library to find out all about the cooking classes.  Before we knew it, my husband and me were making plans to come back the following year to stay at their bed and breakfast and to visit their restaurant in Macao as soon as we arrive to Hong Kong.  Wow, that was a first class sales pitch!  And all Livia was doing was simply sharing her passions with us!  Now, that’s a great way to approach your next potential client. How about thinking of it as sharing your passion instead of selling your services?

Talking to others about your business is simply sharing something that you deeply love and believe.  People do understand the genuine energy that flows from your eyes and from your words when you do that.  You are no longer “selling”; you are “sharing”. And that is very attractive!

Go ahead and let the “sharing” begin!

With energy,


PS:  If you are interested, check out “Don Alfonso’s website at