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TMI – Too Much Information!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

In a recent event where I talked about “De-cluttering Our Lives”, I noticed that one point hit home for the audience:  Information clutter. I presented ‘Information’ as one of the places in our lives where we don’t think we have clutter – but we do.  Information can come in the traditional shape of magazines, newspapers and junk mail that we can see piling up in our living room.  It can also come in the form of TV, movies and e-mails that makes us waste time and energy just by looking at them.

We rely on information so much that we are afraid of throwing away magazines, newspapers and outdated books simply because we think we might need them someday.  Notice the word ‘afraid’ here!  Whenever you see this word showing up, you know that your action is fear based.  Being afraid of letting go of something is totally related to the concept of scarcity, of not having enough.  And why are we afraid of not having enough information about a subject?  In this day and age of ‘google’ we can find information about anything and everything on the web!  Just type any word and see what comes up.  I found about 112,000,000 results for the word “smile”!

It’s not that information is bad but when we rely too much on external sources to make our decisions, we develop the habit of looking outside of ourselves for answers.  We look at others for answers instead of using our main resource:  Our gut feeling, our intuition – the place where our wisdom is!

Take a leap of faith this coming week.  Make one decision without looking at any piece of information or consulting anyone. Look inside for the answer instead.  Start small and begin develop this ‘muscle’ we all have.  Intuition is there for us to access; we all have it.  All we need to do is develop the habit of looking inside instead of outside.  Give your gut feeling a chance! 🙂

With energy,


The Power of a Vision

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Traveling is a wonderful thing.  It opens our minds, it relaxes us, it makes us think outside of the box. In the excitement of it all, I’ve been far and away from the blogosphere.  I miss it and I am back with a bit about my trip that I believe will be relevant for your business as well.

I normally do not favor talking about myself, however the experience we had in Brazil was phenomenal and produced some fabulous results to our company almost straight away.  We organized a conference with all our reps from all over the country in our headquarters in the city of Florianopolis.  We had a couple intentions in mind and one of them – the one I want to share with you today – was to share our vision and our values with our reps.

We are crystal clear about who we are as a company and how we make decisions.  We know what our vision is and what our values are and they determine every single move we make on a daily basis.  The fact that we were able to put those two things down in words and to communicate them to our team proved to be a recipe for success.  When we communicated the vision and our values to our reps we also showed them a slide show on where we apply them in our business.  They saw how we live what we believe and how it is possible to run a company with clarity and integrity.

They left the conference inspired and asking how they can create their own vision and discover their own values as well.  I created a program for them and shared within a few days after the conference.  We immediately saw the results of this; sales are up and our new line has made into three major department stores in the country literally overnight!

It’s essential to have a clear vision for our businesses and for our lives.  To know our values is to know what drives us and what makes us move forward.  To me, this is the most important part in the process of creating a business.  If you don’t know where you are going and what tools you have to get there, how in the world are you going to make it?

Feel free to share your vision with me and to contact me if you want to know more about how to create your vision and to find out about your values.  Once you know that, making decisions will be easier than ever before, you will save time and energy and clarity will be your constant companion.  Now, that sounds like a great way to run a life and a business!

With energy,