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The Business of Schmoozing

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Schmoozing is a major part of life.  We do it all the time with our friends and with our family.  At school, parties, stores, cafes, restaurants, etc.  You also do it with strangers.  You might meet someone at a networking event or connect with a couple sitting beside you at a restaurant.  You may be having a conversation with an existing client, or you might get a message by email or through Facebook.
It turns out that schmoozing is a major part of our businesses as well.  Why?  Because a great deal of the people we meet and schmooze with has the potential to be a new client. The thing is, we don’t take advantage of those connections. We might talk, exchange cards or emails, but most don’t take the proactive step to move things forward.
There are many ways to organize a system that might help us take advantage of those connections we make every day.  Below I will give you a suggestion for some steps on how to do it.  These steps are inspired by an article written by my marketing guru Robert Middleton:

1. When you strike up a conversation with someone, spend more time listening than talking.  When you find things in common, the conversation is engaging and you build trust.

2. Ask what they do before they ask you what you do. Be interested, not interesting.  Find out about their business. And hold yourself back from talking about your business.

3. When they ask about your business, use a good elevator speech that defines the outcome of what you do for others.  Mine for instance is: “I help entrepreneurial women stretch their thinking, reinvent themselves and bask in freedom and prosperity”.  This line almost forces someone to ask how do I do this and how much they want it!

4. If they show some interest, continue the conversation, still avoiding talking too much about your services.  If you do talk, the
best thing is to tell a success story or two: “A recent client I worked with went from no profit at all to increasing her profit tenfold
in less than a year.”

5. Now the big key:  Don’t just exchange cards and hope something will happen.  No! Set it up so that you can follow up
later.  And the best way to do that is by offering an article:  “I wrote an article about how to increase your profits called, ‘Your Passion = Your Wealth Factor’. Can I send you a copy?”

6. Then follow up a few days later: “Hey, this is Ana, I sent you that article about passion and wealth. I wondered if there were
some things in that article that you could relate to your business?”  Then continue the conversation to see if this person is a qualified prospect or not. Then, finally…

7. Offer them a “Complimentary Big Thing Strategy Session” where you’ll explore their current situation, their goals and vision
and the challenges they are currently facing. And of course, you’ll also let them know about your services that helped other entrepreneurial women just like them.

If you have a product base business, the steps are the same.  Just send them an article about your product, or a sample so they can try it.  Follow up with an invitation to stop by the shop to see more products and to try more samples.  Remember:  Organization is key to a successful marketing structure.

Enjoy the schmoozing!

With energy,


Eyes of Curiosity

Monday, June 13th, 2011

A new week, a new day, a new beginning.  Life starts anew every day and it gives us an opportunity to look at things differently and start fresh.  But that only happens if we see life with eyes of curiosity.

Have you ever payed attention to a child looking at an animal or at a new toy?  She approaches the experience with such wonder and amazement that it is hard to look away.  There is no fear, only excitement as she is eager to touch, feel and play with the new object of amazement.

What if we approached each day in such way?  Engulfed in amazement and awe at being alive and able to experience the new and let go of the old…  Wondering what lies ahead with enthusiasm and eagerness… Not a concern in the world about what we left behind and simply trusting that the future is shaped by what we commit to do today…  Sounds great doesn’t it?

This week look at life with your “eyes of curiosity” and let your heart and your mind wonder as you approach a new experience.  Trust that the work has been done, that you are where you are because that’s the best place you could be.  Let go of the past experiences that somehow left you bruised and skeptical and welcome the possibilities a brand new day offers to you.

The Infinite One got you covered!

With energy,


Food for the Soul

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Ayurveda is a culture of well-being.  Its basis are the understanding of the human being as a whole and that there can only be health if the trio ‘body-mind-spirit’ is balanced.  According to Ayurveda, the cause of all our diseases is the accumulation of toxins in our body.  If we adopt ways to eliminate the existent toxins and to prevent new ones to show up in our body, we would have achieved complete health in the broader sense – total physical, mental and emotional well-being.

On Friday morning I took a culinary Ayurveda course with chef Lakshmi Harilela from ‘Love True Food’, here in Hong Kong.  Our group learned some of the Ayurveda theory and cooked a few delicious recipes which later became our lunch.  Lakshimi is another great example of someone who is passionate about what she does.  She found balance in Ayurveda and runs her business with so much love that she decided to name it just that; ‘Love True Food’ (

It’s refreshing as an entrepreneur to find others who live the same way I do and who love what they do.  As a coach who helps entrepreneurial women, it is even more satisfying to see a young entrepreneurial woman who is so committed to her passion of spreading the Ayurveda message through her business.  Thanks Lakshmi for a phenomenal class!

Finding our passion is a blessing.  Committing to it is pure bliss!

With energy,