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High Holy Days

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

This is the time of the year that I love the most.  It is a wonderful gift we receive from the Infinite One:  The opportunity to start over!  The ultimate goal of our lives is to aligned our will with God’s will for us and live a life that is meaningful and extremely fulfilling.

Aligning our will with God’s will for us is what we need to keep in mind as we proceed to examine our past year and look at where we erred, what we will let go, where we can improve and what we will commit to in the coming year.  When we do that, we bring in the potential of infinitize-ing our actions, as my teacher and I like to say.

And what does it mean to infinitize your actions?  It means that you want to have a long lasting impact in the lives of whomever you may encounter.  It means that you give people 100% of yourself when you are with them.  It means that you do everything completely conscious of the act itself and it means that you are living in the present with the utmost intensity.

It also means that you are always asking “how can I be of service to this person” or “how can I be my best self in this situation”.  It means that you are focused on being a partner with God in making this world a better place.  Ultimately, it means that you forget yourself and lend your body and soul to be of service to God and to others.  That translates into being ego-less.

When we have a long lasting impact into people’s lives we help them expand.  For instance, when we use our listening abilities to give the other person a stage on which they can be themselves and get it all out of their chest, they feel it and expand.  They empty themselves and then they begin to develop room to breath, to see the situation with new eyes, to think outside of the box, to solve their problems.  We help them expand the way a coach does with his/her clients.  They come out of the conversation feeling energized and ready to face their problems.  You had just given them the gift of expansion by virtue of listening and supporting them.  They will feel inspired to have more conversations like these and will spread this model around their circle of friends and use it with whomever they interact.  The model becomes infinitized.

You also feel expanded by listening because you get an immense satisfaction of having helped another person.  By listening and posing open-ended questions, you begin to delve deeper into the soul of the other.  You create a profound interaction that brings the best out of both parties involved in the conversation.  That’s how we create meaningful and long lasting relationships.  In other words, that’s how we infinitize our interaction with others.

The gift of this time of the year, the opportunity to look inside and start over is available to everyone and not just to the Jews.  Take the energy of this month and create your new reality, one that will inspire and bring you to a new level of awareness.  Begin to infinitize your actions and making this world a better place!

Shanah Tovah to all!

With energy,