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Finding Your Home

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Some people feel like home is the place where they were born.  Others feel like home is where they grew up.  There are others who feel that home is where they are.  But what makes us call a place “home”?

My impression is that the most immediate associations one makes with the word “home” are the feelings of security and comfort.  Normally we find these two things in people and things that are familiar to us.  As a result, we tend to get attached to those things and people that are familiar to us and have a hard time letting them go.  We also begin to think that these people and things are ours; that they belong to us.  That’s when the mess begins.  Once we begin to believe that they are ours, we feel entitled and possessive.  We begin to put our whole sense of security, comfort and trust on keeping them close to us.  We fail to see them as gifts and teachers that come to our lives for a purpose and then leave. Yes, they leave.  That’s the natural order of things; they go because their work is done and we no longer need them and vice-versa.

Sometimes they come into our lives, leave, and come back again renewed, and with another lesson to teach us.  That is, if we let them go in the first place!  When we hold on to people and things as if they belong to us, we don’t realize the gifts that they are.  We don’t understand that we don’t actually own anything and that all that is close to us is in our lives for a higher purpose.

Now, let’s go back to the original point of the “home”.  What if we extend the concept of “home” to all that comes our way?  Be a new job, a new place, a new friend; what if we look at the new as familiar and secure?  It is a radical idea, I realize.  However, think about the time when you faced something new – how long did it take to become familiar to you?  When you make a choice to accept the new in your life, doesn’t it always become familiar?  When you meet someone new and that person slowly turns into a friend, or when you move to a new place and you begin to find your favorite spots, don’t they all become familiar after a little while?

When we open ourselves up to the present, to “what is”, we being to understand and truly live what the old adage says: “Home is where the heart is”.  Because when our heart is open, every place and every new experience feels like home.

With energy,