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A New View From the Top

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Last week I went snowboarding in Japan with my husband.  Japan was a great option because we were told that the snow there was softer and more forgiving to our imminent falls.  As former athletes who really enjoy a physical challenge, we were very excited about trying to master snowboarding in six days!

As I came face to face with the steeper hills however, I felt anxious and a bit hesitant to go down weaving together all my turns as I had learned to do on a flatter surface.  So, whenever faced with a nearly perpendicular slope, I decided to go down the easier way sweeping from the right to the left using my hills as a break.  When the third day came around, the wind and snow were so intense that I could not see beyond five meters ahead of me.  I had no option but to focus on my next turn, and the next, and the next, without thinking about the steep hill ahead of me.  All I could do was make one turn at the time until I made it to the bottom.  After the run, I realized that I had just gone down the steeper parts weaving all my turns beautifully!  I didn’t feel anxious and it was all because could not see the steep hill ahead of me.

Many times we feel overwhelmed when we think about our big vision and all that we need to do to get there.  We feel anxious, just like I felt when looking down that steep hill.  When we design a plan and break down the steps to get where we want to go, we understand the importance of each action leading up to the big vision.  As I went down the hill with no option but to focus on my next turn and where it was taking me, I didn’t focus on the fear and anxiety.  I was too busy trying to make one turn at the time!  Besides, I already knew where I was going and all I had to do in order to get there was to keep moving.

We need to take the time to design our vision and let it pull us forward like a magnet.  Then, we need to design our steps and focus on making them a reality.  All we need to do is focus on the next step, and the next, until we get to our vision!  Our vision serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment and not of anxiety and overwhelm.  When we go back to it we need to feel joy, excitement, inspiration and happiness!

Build your vision, enjoy the clarity it gives you and focus on the steps to make it your reality.  It only takes one step to start the journey. 

With energy,



Love Is In The Air!

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

It’s a beautiful moment in the Maldives.  The sun is coming down as I watch my husband swim and snorkel in the clear water right in front of our cabana.  The full moon is gearing up to making her appearance tonight.  For a moment it seems that the whole world simply stopped to take a breath.  A deep breath…

I also stopped for a deep breath as I just finished a walk around the beach.  I saw couples taking pictures, people laughing enjoying themselves, others looking for corals and shells on the shore, a family celebrating their holiday in the water…  One of the most interesting things I saw however, were messages of love.  People wrote their words on the sand in Chinese, Japanese, English and drew hearts with their initials inside.  Love is in the air here in our island.  I too joined the band and wrote the world LOVE in all the languages I know.  While doing so, I though about the people I love and the people I wish would let love inside their hearts.  Another magic moment in the Maldives…

The more I meet people and listen to their stories, the more I understand that it is all about love.  That’s what we all want and when we don’t get it, we fall ill, we let negativity enter our lives and we feel depressed.  Love brings in laughter, light, joy, clarity and creativity into our lives.  Love is the essence of our beings because love is the essence of our Creator.

However, love doesn’t come from the outside.  It is not something someone will give you.  Love comes from the inside; from loving ourselves with all our weaknesses, strengths, passions, idiosyncrasies, and shortcomings.  That will lead the way to truly loving others, our planet, animals, plants, a good and a difficult situation; basically everyone and everything you come across!  

It’s a big vision but it all starts with ourselves!  A good exercise is to ask some of your friends what are the qualities they love about yourself.  Resist the temptation to argue with them; just listen and take notes or ask them to send them to you.  Observe yourself acting in the ways your friends described you and focus on that.  Expand the list later with the qualities you see in yourself.  Come on, give it a try!  You will be surprised how wonderful you truly are!

With energy and sun from the Maldives,