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The Mirror Effect

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

We are all a mirror for one another.  Whenever we express an opinion about someone, it’s also a reflection of what we see in ourselves.  The truth is that it’s always about us.  As spiritual beings, we are consciously or unconsciously trying to better ourselves at all times.  Even when we choose a more difficult path.  

The big challenge is to be aware of the moments when we think or say things about others, and immediately reflect on what we are saying or thinking.  Do I see that in me?  Have I behaved in such way as well?  Reflecting on this allow us to examine our behavior and to make a decision to change.  It also gives us a sense of gratitude for the person that we are criticizing.  After all, they are mirroring ourselves and providing us with a very efficient tool for our growth.

Step into the uncomfortable place of looking at yourself in the mirror through the image of others!  It will make you realize how connected you are with everyone and how much you can grow together!

With energy,