Coaching for Athletes

Based on her own experienced as a world class athlete, Ana developed a program called Coaching for Athletes. She worked with many professional Olympic swimmers from Brazil and other world class athletes.  Her clients were/are medalists at the Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan-American Games, South American record holders and National champions. The program takes a holistic approach to the development of the athlete and considers all areas of his/her life and not only their sport. Most athletes are so focused on their training that sometimes their life and personal needs get neglected. This program helps the athlete develops other areas of his/her life without loosing the focus on his/her sport.

Prosperity Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a very enriching experience. Ana facilitates the sessions using the wisdom of the group to lead the discovery process. Used mostly in organizations, this is an ideal setting to prevent conflicts and to give the participants a sense of ownership in the decision making process.  Ana’s ‘prosperity oriented’ approach leads her clients to stretch their thinking and become masters of attracting prosperity into their lives.

Business Coaching

Using the same techniques as Individual Coaching, Business Coaching is directed at corporations and tailored to their needs.  It can include Individual Coaching with the executives of the companies and Group Coaching with managers. When the process happens simultaneously, the results are much more efficient. Ana developed a very effective program called The “Leader-Coach – The New Paradigm of Leadership” that has been extremelly effective in developing a new approach to leadership within organizations.


Coaching Workshops are tailored to focus on the needs of the audience and can be extremely powerful. They could be done in one or two days and benefit many people at once who may not be ready or willing to embark on a coaching process right away. Companies and organizations can offer these workshops as an added value to their clients and employees. 

Individual Coaching

Everyone can benefit from Individual Coaching. It is a one on one session when the coach and the client are totally immersed in the process. Values and needs are discovered, visions are established, and goals are set. The coach works as a direct partner of the client.


Ana is a certified teleclass leader and has lead and designed many classes on a variety of topics including: The Energy of Money, Individual Power, Scarcity vs. Abundance and Relationships. Teleclasses can be done from the comfort of your home and in a myriad of topics.