Read some of Ana’s raving fans testimonials:

“I have just completed a set of sessions with Ana and, thanks to her work with me, I have found a lot of answers to the questions I was having a hard time to answer on my own. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Ana who has been a fantastic coach. She is a great listener and a very easy and sensible person to talk to. I have now a very clear idea of what I want to do. I did not expect to see results so quickly. I had thought of seeing a coach for a long time and had never been able to convince my self to look for one until a friend recommended Ana. I am very glad I gave it a try, it has been a very interesting and rewarding experience.” J. K. – Hong Kong

“Ana has been my coach now for seven months.  I have found her to be a tremendous asset to myself as a person, and to my business.  In a very short period of time, I have grown from being a 1 person company to 6 staff and my business turnover has increased 4-fold.  Ana has a unique ability to ask the right questions at the right time, extracting information and talent from me that I didn’t know existed.  Despite the recession, this year will be one of my best business and revenue years yet.  I daresay that Ana has been one of the key assets to my business.  For any person that wishes to set and achieve the goal of their dreams, and dares to put in the work necessary to do so, I would recommend that they work with Ana for coaching.  The journey will be much more comfortable, and the path will have a lot more clarity.  This has been my experience.”  Margaret Yeung – Kalli Marketing Consultancy, Hong Kong



“Ana is all about action with a plan.  She is a mover and shaker and she will make you move and shake by rethinking your goals gauging how far or close you are from them.  I have attended almost all of Ana’s seminars and every time I leave with a priceless take away action plan that I can implement in my life right away.  She forces you to mentally reevaluate what it is important and what should be decluttered from your financial, emotional, intellectual and spiritual life.  Ana is also a great listener.  Just by listening she can lead you to discover things about yourself that you may not have realized.  I would highly recommend Ana’s services even for those who already believe that they are where they should be in life as you might just discover something new that you didn’t give light to before.  Ana is all about living life with clarity!”  Menka Purswaney – Interior Designer, Hong Kong

“I was a super-skeptic when Ana took me as a coachee in late summer 2009.  I kept thinking: “I’ve attended so many personal development courses, what is she going to tell that I haven’t already heard?”  After all, everything seemed fine in my life.  In a matter of months I had many life-changing experiences.  For someone who is used to solving her own issues, I know I wouldn’t have done it without Ana’s coaching.  She got me to see what my gifts are, the needs that were driving me, and, most importantly, the clarity around my choices.  These new discoveries allowed me to make a powerful connection between my true self and love.  She gave me much support, courage and love that I will forever be grateful for.  Thank you Ana, for everything, from the bottom of my heart!  Love you my Angel!”  Sarah Lee – Business Owner, Hong Kong

“With the help of our group coaching sessions I have been propelled forward to find a space in myself.  A space where I was empowered and a space that prepared me perfectly to receive the gifts that I needed to quantum leap and enable myself to live life standing in my own truth.  It is amazing how the dynamics within our group has shown me so many gifts through each of our personal processes.  Thank you Ana for your presence and  trusting space provided for our growth.”  Martike DeGrip – Business Owner, Hong Kong

“I reached out for help to make sense of it all and Ana not only brought clarity into my life, but also became a true friend in the process.  She loves coaching and it showed during our sessions together.  There was no blaming or looking back; just excitement while narrowing down possibilities and moving toward a very bright future!”  James M. – Professional Triathlete, South Africa 

“During the time I worked with Ana, my life was enriched in a very deep way by opening up to her. She is very intuitive and she really understood me. I learned techniques to place boundaries where they were needed. Through talking to her I got in touch with a place within that needs protection, whereas before, I allowed desecration to occur. I did move forward in my relationship to my work [yoga teacher] in many ways.  For example; I became clear on how I would like to run the classes, how I could allow my deepest self to be expressed and channeled through the teaching, and, most importantly, I am no longer afraid to show my deepest self to my students. She helped me move forward and grow.”  Miriam Freedman – Yoga Teacher, Israel

“Being stuck is not very fun; however it can be a great place to learn about oneself and to grow. I was stuck and Ana helped me paint a clear picture for my life. I became clear about my goals and my direction with just two months of coaching! I’ve never felt so heard and acknowledged as I did during our sessions. Definitely recommend Ana as a coach!”  Nilda Lorenzato – TV Producer ESPN, USA

“I could not wait for another session with Ana!  The discovery process brought me so much clarity that in only one month I knew where I wanted to take my business next.  The result was a major difference on my bottom line.  Coaching works!” Wandeka Pinhao. – Business Owner, Brazil

“Learning that I was letting my needs drive me was an eye-opening experience! Finding ways to meet my needs in a healthy manner, allowed me to uncover my values and live from them. What a difference!My life turned around 180 degrees and today I am a very different person than the one I was 6 months ago. Ana was a great guide and a beautiful teacher.Her coaching was imperative for me to become the person I am today – a person I love and respect! Thanks Ana for your coaching and for being a model to me!”  Pamela Palma – Fund raising director at Miami Art Museum, USA

“I hired Ana because of the person she is:  successful, experienced entrepreneur, former world-class athlete and filled with energy.  I wanted all that for myself as well.  She helped me go through a major life transition – a divorce – with grace and sanity.  I cannot thank her enough for being there when I needed her!”  Grazi S. – Interior Designer, USA

“When I hired Ana, my main goal was to get married within a year.  I was a successful lawyer, had my own apartment, made a great living, but could not find a partner.  After working with Ana for 6 months, I married the man of my dreams and one year later was pregnant with our first child!  I made great shifts in my way of thinking and learned that blaming others wasn’t going to help me grow and get what I wanted from my life.  I thank Ana for helping me change my deep seated false beliefs and for pushing me to take actions toward my goals.  I recommend Ana as a higly effective coach to anyone.”  Leah L. – Lawyer, USA.

“I needed to change the direction of my life and the most effective way to do that is to hire a coach.  Ana was godsend and during the time we worked together I faced my worst fear and came out a winner!  Ana was a gentle and strong guide that helped me through the process of taking personal responsibility for my life and for my actions.  Our work together was paramount for me to take the next step and take charge of my choices and consequently, of my life.”  Debbie C. – PR and model, USA