What’s Coaching?

More than a new expression, life coaching is a powerful alliance, planned by you and your coach that enables you to live your life fully, with success, with happiness, and with more authenticity.

Life coaching understands that the person is healthy, creative and that he/she has his/her own answers. A life coach asks the questions that induce the clients to look for the best path for themselves. The coach helps the client discover his/her vision for the future, and identify his/her own values. In partnership with the coach, the client establish his/her goals according to this vision and these values, identify the type of life or the work that he/she wants for himself/herself, identify his/her needs and ways to meet them, discover the best way to enjoy his/her gifts and how to share them with others, and to develop oneself with satisfaction and balance.

Life coaching is not counseling, therapy, parenting or cheerleading. The purpose of coaching is not to make you run faster but to help you get out of the rat race and find your own way, planned by you and for you.

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